Star Trek Cycling Jersey

Posted: February 10, 2014
Star Trek Cycling Jersey
$49.95 - $79.99
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Wear this Star Trek-inspired jersey while cycling and you'll be tele-biking to work to save gas instead of actual biking to work and possibly getting taken out by a car to save gas. Just kidding.

About the tele-biking, not the getting hit by a car. According to NHTSA Safety Facts, in 2010 over 52,000 bicyclists were injured during collisions with motor vehicles, the total cost of which was over $4 billion. I'm not sure if cyclists saved over $4 billion in gas in 2010, but I would guess they did not.

Anyway, whether you're commuting, racing, or just tooling around town looking suave in a Starfleet Command or Science & Medical personnel jersey may you be safe, bike strong, and live long and prosper.

Or if you're North Carolina Councilman David Waddell, nI'jaj yInraj 'ej Suchepjaj.

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