Slackers Backyard Zip Lines

Posted: July 13, 2014
$122.54 - $153.19
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Even though Slackers' Zip Line Kits are rated for passengers weighing up to 250 pounds, all of the photos I could find depict only kids using it. You know why? Because any adults who would like to partake in this flight o' fun are working. They have jobs enslaving their minds and bodies to The Man so that they can afford to drop a couple hundos on a zip line kit. And, more importantly, so they can afford to drop a few hundo thousands on the kind of house with a back yard large enough to install a 70' or 90' zip line cable for their irreverent and ungrateful children.

Fine. Maybe some of the young'uns said thank you and mowed the lawn. I mean, that's probably what I'll do when my mama buys me one.

Slackers Zip Lines bring the thrill of gliding high above the tree tops in remote forests much closer to home, and much closer to the ground. They also increase upper body and core strength and hone balance and athletic skills. So by his 8th birthday you should be able to send Bobby Jr. in your place when friends call and ask you to help them move. Slackers kits have minimized the number of parts in their zip line setups, so 2-person assembly should be easier and faster than other kits available for backyard use--about 30 minutes from unboxing to Weeee!-ing.

Slackers Zip Line Kits include a steel trolley with sealed ball bearings for strength and speed, a 70' or 90' stainless steel zip line cable, a seat with a 10' adjustable-length rope, and hardware for attachment to 2 trees.

Muchas danke to Manny for the Dude Product Tip.

Slackers Backyard Zip Lines are a top Dude Gift for a Kid pick.

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