Skyballs - Helium Filled Superballs

Posted: May 04, 2012
Sky Balls - Helium Filled Superballs

What I want to know is, if my friend Gary uses brute muscular force to bounce one helium-and-compressed-air-filled Skyball to its peak height of 75 feet, and my other friend Mitch drops a second Skyball from a balcony 75 feet in the air, while I ride in a runaway elevator cab plummeting 75 feet towards the earth, can I avert death by jumping at the exact moment of impact?

How about if I jump while holding a Skyball?

OK, how about if I suck the helium and compressed air out of the Skyball I'm holding during my descent?

Skyballs bounce extremely high. Four times higher than a basketball. Three times higher than a tennis ball. 1.1 times higher than a testicular Hoppity-Hop! Use them to hone hand-eye coordination and depth perception. Use them to hit like Pujols and drive like Tiger. Use them to break everything in the house right after your mom tells you not to play with those in the house. Available in red, blue, green, and purple.

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