ShockStop Adjustable Suspension Bicycle Seatpost

Posted: May 06, 2018
$139 - $249
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Bouncy, bouncy has its place, but when bouncy, bouncy is my butt on a thin, hard bike saddle feeling like it's in the middle of a cavity search...I'm listening, ShockStop Seatpost. What kind of pound-easing, impact-absorbing suspension magic have you got for me?

Created by the cycling enthusiasts at Red Shift Sports, the ShockStop Seatpost is an attachment for your gravel / CX, e-bike, commuter, city bike, road bike, or mountain bike that provides your saddle with an adjustable-stiffness suspension system. Whether you're on gravel, dirt, or just the pothole-laden roads of your city's streets, the ShockStop endeavors to suspend your body and isolate it from the imperfections of the terrain you're riding, thereby making the trail or road feel smoother, and you more comfortable along the way.

The ShockStop Seatpost has 35mm of suspensions travel, and riders can adjust their own spring rate and pre-load to match their preferred riding style. Red Shift Sports also notes the ShockStop is able to add comfort to your ride without compromising your performance. In fact, you should go faster, and move more efficiently with the suspension system adding stability to your body over rough terrain.

ShockStop Seatpost configuration consists of an internal spring that applies force on the seatpost's 4-bar linkage. This suspends the saddle and its rider. During a ride, Red Shift Sports says, the seatpost allows your bike to move under you over uneven terrain, "which reduces the accumulated effects of bumps and vibrations by up to 60%."

If you're interested in taking the bounce out of your butt on your bike, the ShockStop Seatpost seeks crowdfunding on Kickstarter through May 11, 2018.

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