Sena R2 EVO Bluetooth & Mesh Intercom Cycling Helmet

Posted: May 24, 2022
Sena R2 EVO Bluetooth & Mesh Intercom Cycling Helmet
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Mesh better with your fellow cyclists, or ignore them in favor of listening to an audiobook on your ride, with Sena's R2 EVO, a road cycling helmet with a Mesh Intercom system and Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones.

Equipped with Mesh Intercom tech, including built-in speakers and a microphone, R2 EVO wearers will be able to communicate hands-free with any other Mesh riders (i.e., those using Sena's R2 EVO, R1 EVO, or M1 EVO helmets) within half a mile. A button on the side of the helmet opens the line, and the system supports 9 channels, so you can switch between different groups on different frequencies.

R2 EVO speakers are positioned above the ears, so riders can stay more connected to surroundings that they would wearing earbuds. The helmet's Bluetooth 5.2 technology connects to phones for making calls, listening to music, following audible GPS navigation, or using fitness apps.

For safety, R2 EVO Helmets have integrated tail lights with 3 brightness settings, and are built with a protective in-mold polycarbonate shell.

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