Segway Roller Skates

Posted: January 28, 2019
Segway Roller Skates
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I'll bet before you saw Segway's Drift W1 eRoller Skates you thought riding a Segway couldn't get any more fun. And that the likelihood of sustaining an injury while doing it any higher. That's what I thought too, but we were wrong. Segway made a pair of electric roller skates. A take on hoverboards, able to roll along at up to 7.5MPH, but running independently, one on each foot.

And speaking of "one," the W1 Drift skates have just one wheel each too. One self-balancing wheel to haul your right foot, and one to haul your left. Hopefully together. But if they get confused or out of sync, don't worry. You can disengage from these eRoller Skates real easy because they've eliminated the complicated laces and velcro straps. In fact, they've eliminated the skate boot altogether!

Is futuristic throwback a style? Or has Segway created a new on with their one-wheel, no-shell Drift W1 design? From the top these roller skates look more like the knee pads you should probably invest in alongside them. Add some adjustable RGB lights at the front and you've got a little bit of 80s nostalgia buried deep inside the technological tomfoolery of the 2010s.

Segway Drift W1 eRoller Skates will tool you along in "a variety of fun riding and freestyle options" for up to 45 minutes per battery charge. Each skate weighs around 7-1/2 pounds, but can carry up to 220 pounds (so 440 total if you're using both skates at once.)

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