RollWalk Electric Roller Skates

Posted: August 13, 2023
RollWalk Electric Roller Skates
$499 - $699
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RollWalk eRW3 Electric Roller Skates are ready to roll, baby, roll. At up to 20MPH, and 15-1/2 miles on a single charge, thanks to a pair of rear-drive motors with 400W of peak power, and a 14,3000mAh Samsung 18650 lithium battery pack. Huh. So it's more like RollWalk eRW3 Electric Roller Skates are ready to roll, baby, roll your ass all over town. ... Shiver.

No RollWalks for me, thanks. They've just given me awful flashbacks of childhood, when my mama would read me Little Miss Bossy, and later threaten to get the Bossy Boots out of the attic and put them on my feet if I didn't behave. Like my simple requests to rent He-Man and Voltron videos to watch alongside piles of Rice Krispie Treats and Welch's Fruit Snacks every Sunday morning were grounds for instilling such fear and lasting trauma.

Made as a commuter alternative to e-bikes, e-scooters, and other personal transporters, RollWalk eRW3 Electric Roller Skates are similar to Moonwalkers, but faster and more powerful, with a longer range. They're also less than half the cost, and sport half the number of wheels per skate. RollWalk says donning a pair of eRW3 will get you to a destination 8 to 10 times faster than walking, provided you're not traversing steep hills. The eRW3s are rated for a 20-degree slope.

RollWalk Roller Skates are made from 6061 aluminum alloy, and designed to be worn over your own shoes. They secure with a magnetic safety catch that takes 2 seconds or less to secure.

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