Robotic Ski Exoskeleton

Posted: March 30, 2018
$2k - $2,500
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Roam Robotics' forthcoming Robotic Ski Exoskeleton isn't here to superpower your skis, it's here to superpower your knees! The leg braces latch on at the top of your thighs, and extend with an accordioned hinge down behind the knees, and then along the back of the calves. When skiers and snowboarders wear the exoskeleton, sensors and software inside it detect their intent, and auto-adjust torque at the knees with air actuators that mimic the function of the quadricep muscles.

As a result, you should be able to ski longer, access longer, more challenging slopes, make stronger turns, and experience less pain while snowbound. The Robotic Ski Exoskeleton promises to impart these ski god gifts while keeping your knees protected and safe.

The exoskeleton is a programmable and automated device, but will also have manual overrides to keep users in control. It pairs with an Android/iOS app that allows for selecting torque level and autonomous or manual mode at strap-on. During use the app displays and records performance metrics.

At printing, Roam Robotics anticipated a first-run Ski Exo release in January 2019. All of those units are spoken for, but anyone interested in owning the suit can add their name to a waitlist on the Roam Robotics website. The company also points out that they are still tweaking the Ski Exoskeleton's design and specs have not been finalized.

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