Rip 'N Sip Ski Suit

Posted: November 21, 2021
Rip 'N Sip Ski Suit
$224.95 - $249.95
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Tipsy Elves, makers of the Rip 'N Sip Ski Suit, sells them with a warning: "Caution: These ski suits may cause hand fatigue from excessive high fives." But I disagree. Based on the snow onesie's nod to the paper cup print and nostalgia of the 90s it's modeled after, I'd replace the "excessive high fives" part with "rampant jazz hands."

After all, Jazz is the name of the jagged mess of teal and purple that weave around the now-iconic cups, and now the Rip 'N Sip Ski Suit it inspired.

The 100% polyester snowsuit features a waterproof outer shell, articulated wrist and boot cuffs, waterproof zippers, and integrated waist adjustment system, and a concealed waterproof hood. Still, my sense is that its primary attribute is its look, not its performance, so maybe take the Rip 'N Sip Ski Suit along for a day of snow frolicking rather than one of black diamonds. Cap the look with some Freezy Freakies retro color-changing gloves.

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