Ono Archont Electro Bicycle

Posted: November 14, 2015
Ono Archont Electro Bicycle

Ono's Archont Electro is an easy rider-style electric bicycle. It's black, it's green. It's almost 10' long with a 7Kw motor and a top speed of 50mph. Range is 60 miles per charge. What do you think? O-yeah or O-no?

Ono Bikes also makes a motorless Archont with the same low-riding spring seat and smooth stainless steel curves of the company's latest easy rider, but in place of the Electro's central carbon fiber e-box it features a sexy chrome and rubber squeeze horn.

Ono lists no prices or customization options on their website, but does mention on their Facebook page that both vary widely based on customer requests. Those interested in Archont easy riding--with or without a motored assist--should fill out the Ono contact form with their inquiries and information requests.

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