Omni Hoverboard

Posted: April 25, 2021

The first thing I thought when I saw the Omni Hoverboard video was, "Holy shit, that thing is sick!" But that was immediately followed by the second thing I thought when I saw the Omni Hoverboard video: "Holy shit, I would fall off that thing and die so fast!"

Omni claims to have created the world's first real, legit, get-off-the-ground (way off the ground, McFly!) hoverboard. This is well beyond Back to the Future's famed levitator skating a few inches off the ground, Omni's Hoverboard operates more like a personal flying machine. Or like a pet baby dragon that will take you for rides in the sky.

Hoverboard information on Omni's website is sparse, but we do learn they're a Canadian company "dedicated to propeller-based hoverboards." The one shown in the video and photos above is their Mark-1 prototype, a Guinness World Record-breaker for flying 275.9 meters (905')! Wow!

Anyone else kind of wondering what happened after the 275.9 meters?

The only other juicy nugget of information we get from Omni Hoverboards is, "Stay tuned for our consumer version," a command that is both exciting and terrifying.

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