Nunchuck Grips - Self-Defense Tool Storage Grips

Posted: February 13, 2017
Nunchuck Grips - Self-Defense Tool Storage Grips

Squeeze hard and stay safe. Nunchuck Grips are a line of outdoor product grips whose hollow centers make way for your choice of quick-release personal safety gear. Install a pair of Nunchucks on your existing bike's handlebars, or check out the company's umbrellas and trekking poles, and choose to stuff them with a custom-fit self-defense knife or pepper spray, or stash tube.

Nunchuck Grips were created by outdoor enthusiasts who wanted to be sure any self-defense and EDC items they chose to carry were accessible instantly and right from the palm of their hands. When you're riding a bike, carrying an umbrella, or hiking with poles, you're constantly squeezing their grips. If their grips are Nunchucks, then you're also constantly squeezing your knife, pepper spray, or tube of cash; no fumbling in a bag or pocket to find the gear when you need it.

Nunchuck Grips knife accessories have a 2.1" 440A stainless steel blade with frame lock handle and thumb slot so they one-handed operational. The pepper spray is an 18% OC lab-certified solution that can fire up to 12', and up to 11 half-second blasts. The stash tube is 3-3/4" long x 5/8" in diameter.

Nunchuck bike grips are 130mm long and covered in waffled rubber. They fit on most street and mountain bike carbon or aluminum 7/8" bars. Umbrellas and trekking poles are sold as full sets, not grip attachments for items you already own.

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