mountainFLOW Biodegradable Ski & Snowboard Wax

Posted: December 07, 2022
mountainFLOW Biodegradable Ski & Snowboard Wax
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Hit the slopes, without ruining them, with mountainFLOW biodegradable ski and snowboard wax. Deemed safe "for both the user and the environment," mountainFLOW is a plant-based wax that contains no petroleum, the active ingredient in conventional ski and board waxes.

As skis and snowboards glide along coveted powder and bruising packed snow, small bits of the wax used to decrease friction and avoid buildup fall off along the way. Petroleum-based waxes shed their petroleum, along with fluorocarbon particles, which eventually make their way into the watershed. By using only plant ingredients in their wax, mountainFLOW avoids leaving behind deposits of artificial and toxic particles.

The 130-gram mountainFLOW wax bars come in All Temp, Cold, Cool, and Warm, the latter 3 calibrated for peak performance in the varying outdoor temperature ranges you may be skiing or snowboarding in.

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