Mad Fly Sports Raptor Football

Posted: October 13, 2020
Mad Fly Sports Raptor Football
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Part glider, part football, part foam airplane, the Raptor Football from Mad Fly Sports is here to help you get into the spirit of Fall 2020.

Playing catch in the crisp air and golden light of a Saturday afternoon.

Diving into piles of leaves to make highlight reel receptions - or letting the Raptor Football take on the crash, knowing its heavy-duty design can handle the impact.

Mastering the Raptor's unique throwing technique and adjusting its tail trim to fire off Mahomes-level passes, slow and fast alike.

And staying socially distanced to the Bayside High Max. With the Raptor Football able to cut through the air with reduced drag, and produce its own lift, we're not talking 6, 16, or even 60 feet between you and your friend Cornelius. Those who master the Raptor will be able to send this football hybrid sailing distances of over 100 yards.

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