Lemon Ball Vintage Leather Baseballs

Posted: November 30, 2018
Lemon Ball Vintage Baseballs
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This baseball is a Lemon, but not a lemon. Especially if you've still got a gift for Dad, or another fan of America's favorite pastime, to buy. Paul Cunningham of Leather Head Sports makes these vintage throwbacks in the likeness of the original lemon peel-style "base ball" from the game's early 19th century days.

Lemon Balls aren't just designed as American tanned full grain leather collector's pieces for display - they're made to be used! At 8-1/2" in circumference and 3-1/2 ounces in weight, the baseballs are slightly smaller than today's official MLB balls, but still strong and rugged enough to star in your pickup games of baseball. And also stickball, streetball, pepper, town ball, and, my favorite, standing in a loose circle with a bunch of dudes and tossing around a ball. Cunningham calls Lemon Balls "firm yet supple" and says they'll soften and develop a patina with use.

Holding the Lemon Ball leather skin together is waxed linen thread. At printing Lemon Balls were available in 4 leather color / stitching choices.

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