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Posted: August 16, 2012
LED Backyard Sports - Football and Baseball Sets
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I often ponder the glow-in-the-dark conundrum of buying an item because it glows in the dark, and then finding while using it...in the dark...that it doesn't actually glow in the flippin' dark! Or it glows for 5 minutes before fading. Or it only glows after being held 1/2" from a 65-watt light bulb for 30 minutes, at which point I'm sweaty and have a sore rotator cuff and don't feel like playing catch anymore anyway. Why can't "Glows in the dark!" labels translate to "Lights up like a mother truckin' Christmas tree for 40+ hours of continuous use!"? The gurus at Reboot Sports pondered the same thing. The difference is that they aren't lazy and short on effective solutions to problems like I am, and so they answered the glow-in-the-dark conundrum with their Magma line of light-up backyard sporting goods--most popularly, a football and baseball/bat set with LED cores.

Reboot has gotten a grand response to the Magma LED Football, and only recently added the LED Baseball and Bat set to their online store. All of the equipment runs on replaceable lithium batteries, and activates in a smoldering red on impact. It also shuts itself off when no longer in use.

The Magma Football maintains clear visibility at 100 yards, and will stay aglow for 40 hours of play. Currently available in youth size 6, sizes 2 and 9 are also set for release in the near future. The Magma Baseball and Bat set will function continuously for over 60 hours of wholesome family fun.

As the daylight hours wane, last hurrahs on the beach and crisp fall evenings in the backyard may call for some after-dinner outdoor action. Check out the videos above and below to see what that action would look like with Magma in the mix.

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