Kickit Soccer Tennis Game

Posted: April 03, 2023
Kickit Soccer Tennis Game
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Sorry, make that Kickit The Original Soccer Tennis Game. For outdoors, for indoors, for the lawn, the beach, or the playground, Kickit is a portable game that combines the foot action of soccer with the tennis goal of getting the ball over rather than into the net to score.

Kickit gives each team 3 touches of the ball to send it to their opponents' side of the net, with a point awarded each time a team doesn't return the Soccer Tennis Ball. A winner is crowned when a team reaches 21 points. Huh. All of that sounds a lot more like volleyball than tennis to me. In fact, the only real tennis element to the Kickit (The Original) Soccer Tennis Game is that the net runs along the ground. Should be called Kickit The Original Soccer Volley Game, in my opinion.

Unless that already exists, and would have forced them to call it Kickit The Unoriginal Soccer Volley Game.

Semantics aside, the Kickit looks to be a fine addition to your sporting goods collection. It can serve as both a fun trainer for actual soccer players who want to practice their ball handling skills, and a great addition to a party full of dudes who think their balance and coordination are just as good 6 drinks in as they were when they got there. Dude, hold my beer while I...no, wait! I'll hold my own beer. All's I need is my feets for this one!

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