INU Folding Electric Scooter

Posted: December 25, 2015
INU Folding Electric Scooter
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The INU sounds cool. It's a completely connected folding scooter configured to send text messages, make a road movie, or take a selfie right from the handlebars. The folding mechanism is automatic and smartphone-controlled too, taking less than 5 seconds to open and close. At first I thought the INU looked cool too. But then I saw the dude sitting on one in that other photo above and decided it looks like the riding end of a handicapped / obese person transporter at the grocery store or airport. All it needs is a little basket for Triple Stuffed Oreos and carry-on luggage attached to the front.

The INU's high-end features put it on the high end of scooter pricing too, but if you plan to use it as a license-free commuter in place of a car, the gas and, more importantly, city parking savings will probably cover its costs in a year or two. The INU is built from an aluminum alloy frame and weighs just 55 pounds. When folded it condenses to 47" tall x 12" wide x 16" long (unfolded it is 59" long). Additional scooter specs include:

  • Speed: Up to 15 MPH; acceleration at 0 to 15 in 4 seconds.
  • Motor: Brushless hub-motor, 500W / 750W.
  • Battery: Li-Ion with charging time at 1 hour for 50% to 100%, 3 hours from 0% to 100%.
  • Range: 25 miles with a 175-pound rider.

At printing the INU was available for pre-order for an anticipated 2016 release.

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