Inflatable Human Foosball Table

Posted: February 02, 2016
Inflatable Human Foosball Arena
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The little plastic men make it look so easy. I'm not sure how much demand there could be out there for an inflatable human foosball arena, but if that's what bounces your house, EZ Inflatables is all set to blow up your good times.

Players on the life-size foosball "table" must hold tight to sliding sheaths covering flexible rods so, as with non-human foosball, they're restricted predominantly to lateral movement during play. Seven-foot walls and enclosed goals are intended to keep the ball, a standard soccer ball from the looks of it in the video, from flying off the field. But you know it's going to happen, like, every third kick anyway. Especially if they let my friend Cornelius the Lead Foot play.

The 45' long x 20' wide x 7' high foosball inflatable comes with a 1.5 HP blower, patch kit, anchor stakes, and enough slots for you and your 9 best kick-happy friends to try your foot at human foosball.

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