Iguana Smart Sack - App-Enabled Bluetooth Hacky Sack

Posted: March 15, 2022
Iguana Smart Sack - App-Enabled Bluetooth Hacky Sack
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The Iguana Smart Sack, being app-enabled with a Bluetooth sensor insert, is smart...yes. I guess. Technically. But take a look at its app interface, which reminds me of the Oregon Trail screen on my Apple IIGS. The lithium battery-powered 90s neon yellow insert. The kelly green & white Iguana Smart Sack itself, which somebody's mama embroidered with the words "Iguana Smart Sack" so there would be no confusion. This is about as low-tech "smart" as you can get.

And I love it.

The Iguana Smart Sack takes a super simple approach to the enhancement of hacky sack play: the Bluetooth sensor inside the footbag connects to the Iguana app, and sends it information about how many kicks you get before your hacky sack hits the ground. The Iguana Smart Sack says it can detect the differences between when the sack is kicked, held, and dropped. And - bonus smart technology! - the app will talk to you during play, counting your kicks out loud, and telling you a round is over when the sack meets the floor.

The app (a glorious black screen with bright green text, and nothing else!) then tracks your consecutive kicks per round, the most kicks you've gotten in a single round since launching the app, and the most kicks you've gotten in a round ever.

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