Huupe Smart & Interactive Basketball Hoop

Posted: June 01, 2022
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Huupe time, Huupe time, Huupe, Huupe! The Huupe, a new smart and interactive indoor or outdoor basketball hoop, doesn't just bring the game to your gym or backyard, it brings the hype too. With the tech to stream on-demand training and skill challenges, pair you against friends and opponents around the world, or just blast He Got Game and your favorite tunes while you shoot around, the Huupe turns the team spectator sport of basketball into a sport you can play competitively all by your lonesome, and that your mama doesn't even have to come outside and watch to deliver the adrenaline rush of a crowd rooting you on.

The huupe is regulation size, and presumably waterproof, with all its built-in smart capabilities. The system's on-demand training videos pair you with professionals to work on specific shooting, rebounding, speed, and agility goals. The huupe itself has data tracking for shooting percentage, swishes, trajectory, position on court, speed, agility, release time, vertical jump, and more.

In addition to training sessions and workouts, the Huupe can stream any other content you want to display on its 67" x 46.8" backboard. YouTube, Netflix, HBO, or live basketball games. Built-in outdoor speakers and Bluetooth connectivity are also ready to pump playlists.

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