Posted: September 23, 2015
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"Hoverboard meets Tesla" sounds a lot better than "one-wheeled electric transporter" so inventor Robert Bigler went with it. His Hoverboard Technologies is running a Kickstarter campaign for their personal roller, which they compare to everything from street surfing to driving a Tesla that's been converted to scooter-size.

The Hoverboard uses gyro-stabilization and a removable Drive Unit module to support and propel riders, who tilt forward to accelerate and back to brake or change directions. Hoverboard Technologies says their version of the Personal Electric Vehicles we're seeing a huge sidewalk spike in these days (see Welix; see Airwheel) delivers more power and incomparable range/weight, power/weight, and power/volume ratios. In short, riding a Hoverboard will make you feel like you're riding air. Like you're hovering. (Disclaimer: you'll never leave the ground.)

Hoverboard's Drive Unit is a Smart installation that's interchangeable should you decide you want your board to exhibit different characteristics for different uses. Which also means that, yep, each Hoverboard is customizable on pretty much every front, except for details related to safety. This includes LED lighting, Bluetooth connectivity for pairing with speakers, an LCD screen with data/notification readouts, and any future upgrades or replacements. The board is modular and user serviceable so parts can be swapped easily.

Hoverboards connect to a smartphone app for complete feature access. The app can:

  • Activate your Hoverboard
  • Check charge level and battery health
  • Set Speed Limit (for each setup user)
  • Lock your Hoverboard
  • Log riding data, max-speed, avg-speed, distance traveled, etc.
  • Protect your Hoverboard from theft
  • Customize the lighting
  • Customize the LED Bar Graphs
  • Play Music and customize sound

Hoverboard batteries can supercharge in as little as 16 minutes, and provide over 10 miles of range traveling at 8 mph. Read more about Hoverboard specs and tech, and pledge (a pretty penny) for your own during the product's Kickstarter run, continuing through October 21, 2015.

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