Headless Electric Skateboard

Posted: September 10, 2019
Headless Electric Skateboard
$229 - $299
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If you're about to lose your mind on your commute, recover it by losing your head. The Headless Electric Cruiser is a new electric skateboard heading - uh, nonheading? - our way in February 2020. It differentiates itself from other electric skateboards by ditching a discrete handheld controller in favor of foot-controlled power.

Riders create initial Headless Electric Cruiser motion with good ol' knee grease - a manual push-off. From there, their back foot can engage the board's motor via a raised white button on the deck surface. Usage is binary: step on the button to power up, release it to coast. Those who want to go faster can continue with the legwork, kicking like they would on a traditional skateboard.

On its own Headless Boards designed the Electric Cruiser to maintain speeds of up to 12MPH for 6 miles per charge, but they say riders willing to add in their own manual effort can increase these number significantly.

Headless' goal with the Electric Cruiser is to create "a new category of electric skateboard, one that seamlessly integrates electric power with the simplicity of a traditional skateboarding experience...." At printing they were offering the board at a pre-order discount of $229. Regular retail price will be $299.

As a commuter or personal transporter, the Electric Cruiser keeps a pretty low profile. It weighs 5.5 pounds and measures just 22" long.

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