Grasski Grass Skis

Posted: April 29, 2019
$462.50 - $600
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Grasski USA says, "Extend your season!" And they're not joking. Their conveyor belts for your feet really make it possible to ski on grass, and train for the snowy slopes all green summer long, without spending $25K on a SkyTechSport simulator.

Grasskis and grass skiing aren't a new thing - they were invented in Germany in the 60s. And while originally, and to some extent still, just a method for alpine skiers to continue their outdoor training throughout the year, today grass skiing is also a sport in its own right, complete with time trials, competitions, and world championships.

Grasski USA handmakes track-style grasskis in Speedy Jack and Netahlo Race models. The latter are a hardier pair, designed to deliver higher speeds and more durability during use. They're also lighter, made with machined nylon rolls and a machined binding system.

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