GolfKicks Golf Traction Kit for Sneakers

Posted: September 02, 2020
GolfKicks Golf Traction Kit for Sneakers
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A question from GolfKicks: Whoooo of you golfers out there have a pair of sneakers you want to ruin? Just kidding. A pair of sneakers you want to make better, or at least golf course-friendly with GolfKicks' golf traction kit.

The GolfKicks kit comes with all the cleats and tools you'll need to turn any pair of sneaks into golf shoes. Yes, the transformation will be permanent - or at least leave incisions in the rubber if you remove them. But if you have an old pair you love and can't bear to part with, or have simply upgraded, GolfKicks could be a nice way to repurpose your shoes' style, comfort, orthopedic needs, etc. for the greens.

Available in a handful of colors, including clear, GolfKicks burrow into sneakers with flat soles and a minimum thickness of 1/3".

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