Giant Inflatable Soccer Dartboard

Posted: September 16, 2017
Giant Inflatable Soccer Dartboard

Socc'er in the bullseye, kid. This giant inflatable soccer dartboard might not be as spooky as a 12' inflatable animated spider for the Halloween party, but it will hold all the boys' and girls' - and their parents' - interest for a whole lot longer. Save yourself the hassle of apple bobbing and pinning the tailbone on the skeleton. Set up as a penalty kick-style game on the soccer delivering side, and a massive, 18' segmented scoreboard on the darts receiving end, this backyard party game is all the party I'd need. Any time of the year.

The Soccer Dartboard set comes with a blower to inflate the board, plus 6 inflatable balls and a hand pump. The balls are the fuzzy, sticky kind so you won't need a hawk-eye referee standing alongside the board to tell you where your ball hit (your face, if say the "1", Cornelius!) Game setup looks like it will be...interesting. Not sure if the lines and stakes you'll need to secure the dartboard are included with the package, but I'd get a few extra just to be safe.

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