Full Auto Belt Fed Pellet Gun

Posted: November 05, 2014
Full Auto Belt Fed Pellet Gun
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A .22 caliber belt-fed pellet machine gun powered by a can of CO2, HPA, or Nitrogen. And, according to photographic evidence, Grandpa. Between the Ka-Bar cane and this SMG .22, Grandpa's been getting a lot of play in the weapons category lately. And just as I wouldn't want to get whacked in the shins with his powder-coated aluminum walking stick, I'd also like to avoid his unleashing of 12 rounds per second in my ass as I run away (ironically) screaming Uncle!

Pellets or not, this machine gun is no shoot 'em up play toy.

Additional SMG .22 features include a rifled barrel and upper and lower Picatinny rails. The package comes with a 100-round ammo drum, 2 x 100-round belts, a 20-ounce CO2 tank, 250 rounds of ammo, and a gun oil packet.

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