Floating Skateboard Ramp

Posted: July 08, 2014
Floating Skateboard Ramp

What you see before you is Lake Tahoe, Californian skater Bob Burnquist, and 4 days of work. Miami art director Jerry Blohm and his team designed and built this floating skateboard ramp for Burnquist, who was a participant in Visit California's "Dream Big" marketing campaign. The non-profit organization asked various CA residents what would make their dreams possible, and Burnquist had the idea of skating over water.

Blohm's 2+ decades of experience working with the likes of Michael Bay, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Joel Silver helped designate him as the man to make the floating half pipe happen. Half pipe, quarter pipe, and 45-degree ramp to be precise. In addition to concept and configuration, Blohm also created the wooden structure's weighted riggers, attached in case the ramp rocked too much while in use. (No word on whether or not the above photo is digitally enhanced, but Blohm does note that its perspective hides the ramp's supports, which accounts for its "fake floating" illusion.)

Once sketched and built, Blohm's team use colored wood stains to add horizontal striping and visual interest to the skateboard ramp. After 4 hours of towing at 4 knots, the finished product sat gloriously in the middle of Lake Tahoe, and suddenly, Burnquist's dream was possible. Wonder if he contributed any elbow grease to the effort.

Rumor has it Blohm will build you a floating skateboard ramp too if you Dream Big pay him many thousands of dollars.

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