Extans Akhal Shadow Bike

Posted: December 19, 2020
Extans Akhal Shadow Bike

"Price on application." Not good news for anyone who wants Extans' Akhal Shadow Bike for anything more than a pipe dream. Or a photo on their desktop. But even as the latter, you have to admit this bike, inspired by the elegant Akhal-Teke horse, and "created to embody an alluring character of stealth and prowess," is about as sexy as they come. A cyclist's wet dream. Even as that cyclist is panting in exhaustion and cramping in pain, with his balls crushed against the unforgiving rigidity of his seat 3/4 of the way through a century ride.

Yep. Even then.

The Extans Akhal Shadow Bike has a Monocoque carbon frame, plated in black chrome, and a CNC machined heads with dropouts and seat clamp cut from a single aluminum billet. The fork, seat post, and handlebars are all full carbon. Extans has released the Akhal Shadow Bike in a limited edition of 99.

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