eWheels V2 - Turn Any Pushcart Into a Smart Caddy

Posted: February 23, 2020
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The eWheels V2 Caddy is just like the kid you'd hire to carry your golf clubs, except you don't have to make polite conversation with it, or tip it after the 18th hole. This pushcart add-on turns your club toter into a smart caddy with of a pair of electric wheels, a 6-axis gyroscope, and follow controls via remote or a magnetic smart tether.

Created by Alphard Golf, eWheels V2 is designed as a retrofit to give golfers push-free control over most existing pushcarts on the market. The device can roll over bumps and travel up and downhill hands-free over the course, saving players the awkwardness, hassle, and fatigue that can come with hauling clubs over rough terrain, and for hours at a time.

Using the remote control option with eWheels V2 allows for both driving it in front of you along the way, or using a distance timer to send the cart automatically 15 or 30 yards out to have it meet you at the next hole.

The eWheels V2 Magnetic Auto-Follow Smart Tether clips on to your golf bag and your pants, and then connects via Bluetooth to eWheels to read your distance and angle of movement from the cart. It adjusts the cart's speed and direction to match.

The eWheels V2 6-axis gyroscope keeps pushcarts under control as they move over varying golf course terrain - the unit can gauge speed on uphills and downhills, and regain control after hitting a bump or traveling across a sideslope. An electronic parking brake enables the pushcart to stop on an incline without rolling.

If you're interested in learning more about the eWheels V2 smart caddy, check out Alphard Golf's IndieGoGo campaign. At printing, the company had a working prototype, so crowdfunding backers will be contributing to eWheels V2 final development and production.

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