Deer Antler Handlebars

Posted: February 06, 2013
Deer Antler Handlebars

Taylor Simpson accidentally plowed into a deer with his Knight XV while barreling through Poughkeepsie several months ago and felt so bad about it he swore off driving altogether and converted the slain buck's antlers into a set of handlebars for his new, two-wheeled form of transportation as an homage to the great beast, and means of rendering its death slightly less in vain.

Just kidding. Simpson made the antler bike handlebars for a school project. He's studying at Pratt Institute and had to do something or other on product branding and packaging, so he grabbed a set of deer horns, some recycled metal, a tube of epoxy, and...voila. Pimped. His. Ride. They look pretty cool, but I'd be hesitant to use them. I mean, as much as I'm the spin class mac, I don't fare so well on bikes that actually move. And given that falling off a bike fitted with antler handlebars would mean certain impalement and probable casket shopping, I think I'll settle for just looking at them.

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