CYCL WingLights - Turn Signals for Bicycles

Posted: April 18, 2019
CYCL WingLights
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CYCL's WingLights are bicycle turn signals that fit into the ends of your handlebars. You might find them preferable to saddlebag or taillight bike blinkers, both of which are also out there for safety-conscious cyclists, because with their placement up front you'll know for sure if the Left or Right signal is on when you activate it (and off when you shut it down). Also, rather than using a separate remote control, WingLights turn on and off with buttons on their ends.

And if you forget to turn one off after the turn, unlike those for drivers, WingLight signals go dark automatically after 45 seconds.

WingLights install in the hollow space found in most bicycle handlebars - you'll either need to pop out your bike's existing plug ends or, if they're covered in rubber, cut out a circular hole to make room. The signals are lightweight, waterproof, and shockproof, with 3 bright LEDs powered by CR2032 batteries CYCL says should last for around 6 months of daily use.

CYCL also says their WingLights' position at the ends of handlebars keep them visible to drivers and pedestrians in all situations. Even if you're wearing a backpack or have panniers muled up on the sides of your bike, cars in front of and behind you should be able to see the flash of your signal.

The WingLights shown here are CYCL's POP! model, made of plastic and fitted with bright orange LEDs. They also make some more rugged 4-LED versions made of aluminum, one of which has a magnetic attachment option.

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