Brompton A Line Folding Bike

Posted: January 03, 2023
Brompton A Line Folding Bike
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The Brompton A Line Folding Bike has nailed it. That's exactly what I want to do at work all day too: curl up in the fetal position under my desk until it's time to go home. At which point I will unfurl like a beautiful spring butterfly with two wheels and 3-hub gears, and pedal myself the hell out of there.

Brompton's new A Line is a city commuter bicycle tuned to help you make a B-line to your destinations around town. Its star feature is a 3-part fold that collapses the bike down to 25.3" x 23" x 10.6" for easy storage when you get there. Also, total weight is just 25.3 pounds, so carrying the A Line is manageable if you have to deal with stairs or people getting persnickety about bikes being wheeled around indoors.

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