Batarang Boomerangs

Posted: December 09, 2014
$55 - $199
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Vic Poulin has invented some Batarangs that just might indicate whether or not you're actually qualified to be Batman. His advanced returning Batarang boomerangs, available in standard 14" and Big Daddy 25" lengths, aren't for amateurs. The handmade flyers should not be thrown by anyone under the age of 14, and really, the Big Daddy shouldn't be launched at all, except as a last resort for taking down the Penguin helicoptering away on his umbrella. That's because while it does return (see video) its pointy ends will probably puncture your skin or cornea when you try to catch it again. Pretty sweet, 'ey?

Both Batarang boomerangs are crafted from 10-ply, 5mm finish birch, and available in right- and left-handed thrower versions. If you're going for the 14-incher, Poulin highly recommends wearing eye protection and gloves during use. Again, Big Daddy Batarangs are intended as "functional performance art" and are to be used for display only. Kind of like my weight bench and treadmill.

In addition to the Batarangs, Poulin designs and creates a ton of other gnarly boomerangs, including those shaped like dragons, cats, and zombie-hacking tomahawks. All are available from his online store.

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