AirSilo Electric Ball Pump

Posted: March 02, 2022
AirSilo Electric Ball Pump
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I like that the AirSilo is an electric ball pump, meaning I don't actually have to pump it to inflate my balls, and risk tiring out my arm and wrist so much I'm left with no energy to play with my balls after I inflate them. Nay, this ball pump is powered by a rechargeable battery rather than a shoulder girdle, so you can inflate balls upon balls without expending any real effort.

Time on the other hand...that's where the AirSilo doesn't outperform human power by a whole helluva lot. If you just need to pump up a basketball, football, or soccer ball, you're good, looking at just over 60 seconds. But beach toys? A simple beach ball starts out at 90 seconds, with a kiddie pool ring advancing to around 3 minutes. And a yoga ball, like the ones people sit on for desk chairs to convince themselves they're exercising at work, and therefore do not have to attend HIIT class tonight after all? They take twelve minutes to inflate with the AirSilo Electric Ball Pump.

So just imagine how long you'd have to wait for your Pool Punisher Tank or Airplane Floating Island. Hopefully the sun won't have gotten bored waiting and retired for the evening by the time they're done.

But I guess the AirSilo Electric Ball Pump is meant more for simpler sports equipment than gargantuan pool floats, and for that it seems like a decent inflation tool. The set comes with 3 needles, along with 2 other types of air transfer tips, plus a little carry sack for storage. And, good news, coach, each AirSilo charge should also give you even power to pump more than 40 basketballs.

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