Adventure Board Multi-Use, All-Terrain Utility Board

Posted: July 25, 2023
Adventure Board Multi-Use, All-Terrain Equipment
$799 - $1,399
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The Adventure Board claims to have "endless uses," and it's not messing around in saying so. You can use this all-terrain, all-season utility board as everything from a floating dock and paddle raft, to a waterslide, bridge, snow sled, and gymnastics tumbling mat. And those are just its basic applications. If you've got some ideas for a DIY adventure that could use a variably inflatable plank to enhance the outcome, methinks the Adventure Board will not disappoint.

Available in 10', 16', and 23' sizes, the Adventure Board is able to play so many roles thanks to a design that combines river SUP levels of durability with the bounce and rebound of a gymnastics air track. You'll also tailor the board to your intended use - on grass, water, snow, or the rocky surface under your truck wheels - by adjusting its inflation level from 1 to 20 PSI.

On the rare occasions you're engaging in an activity that doesn't require a multi-use, all-terrain utility board, the Adventure Board deflates and rolls up for storage.

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