Remote Control Crocodile Head

Posted: July 06, 2020
Remote Control Crocodile Head
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A remote control crocodile head isn't just the practical joke of the summer. Apparently, it's also a practical toy for keeping pests and their poop out of your ponds and pools. You know, birds. Squirrels. Children.

But above all, this RC resin mold of a croc's noggin is here to make one particular hot weather endeavor go swimmingly for you: mischief.

The 12.5" x 6.5" head looks realistic enough to me up close, and is probably even more convincing from 15, 20 feet away. The 2.4GHz transmitter allows users to control their croc from up to 100' away, moving him forward and back, right and left with speeds and movements the RC toy's makers say simulate those of a real, free-flowing crocodile in the water.

Usage time is about 15 minutes per charge, and when voltage drops too low, the croc's speed will auto-drop to 40% capacity (max is about 9MPH) to remind captains to glide him back in.

If you prefer a more passive method of using a carnivorous reptile to scare off waterfowl and scare the shizit out of human beings, you might try this non-mechanical, but full-body floating crocodile instead. Or if your motto in life is to go big and bloody with your pranks or go home, check out this animatronic shark costume.

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