MekaMon Berserker V2 AR Battle-Bot

Posted: March 10, 2019
MekaMon Berserker V2 AR Battle-Bot
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MekaMon's Berserker V2 AR Battle-Bot isn't quite as cool as, say, an Mk. III MegaBot, but in its own, scaled-down way, it's still a piloted battle mech whose potential for AR combat makes it look almost as fun for me and my friend Cornelius to dick away our Sunday Funday playing with.

The Berserker is a real life battle-bot with augmented reality features, whose mix of IRL and virtual play all come under the control of your iOS or Android device. MekaMon has designed the bot to throw down in both Mek vs. Mek battles and AR combat against intelligent AI enemies. In the former you can match up 2 to 4 Berserkers on your living room floor for some in-the-flesh, head-to-head Battle Royale-style action. When you're battle-botting solo, load up the MekaMon single player game and face virtual enemies with your physical Berserker on an AR battlefield.

The physical Berserker bot is designed with 3 degrees of freedom in each of its 4 legs, so movement should seem lifelike (though in this case I'm not sure like what kind of life) and nimble. MekaMon's V2 Berserker also allows players to build their battle-bot's personality and give it emotion.

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