Attacknids Combat Creatures

Posted: November 24, 2014
$49.99 - $119.95
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Combat Creatures' Attacknids are rugged, obstacle-crushing RC toys that also, true to their name, engage each other (or my neighbor's cat Willard) in combat. Models include the Stealth and Vanguard Stryders, which fire foam darts, and the Doom Razor that blasts plastic Dissector Discs up to 35'.

From carpet to gravel to snow, Attacknids trudge over many types of terrain, ejecting ammo at your command and in any direction from their 360-degree rotating heads. Most Combat Creatures are controlled via a 2.4ghz remote that can transmit from up to 200' away. Smartphone-controlled Attacknids are also available. The spidery beasts stand 12" tall and are fitted with Exploda-Armor, outer shell pieces customized for Attacknid wars. In Battle Mode, firing darts and discs can shoot the armor off opponents' legs, as well as shut a bot down entirely with 3 direct hits to its Battle Brain.

Once purchased, Attacknids can be upgraded and altered with other blasters, armor, and Battle Brains.

Combat Creatures' Attacknids are a top Dude Gift for a Teen pick.

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