Trigmate 3-in-1 Interactive Math & Engineering Toy

Posted: March 23, 2022
Trigmate 3-in-1 Interactive Math & Engineering Toy
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The Trigmate is one of those kids' "toys" that is actually an educational tool. It's a tricky triggy! The wooden doohickey endeavors to teach them angles, length measurements, area, geometry, trigonometry, experiments, and astronomy. So kids will be singing, "It's triggy to rock a line, to rock a line that's angled right, it's triggy!"

And also so parents, plus teachers who are quitting left and right due to being paid and treated like indentured servants, don't have to teach them themselves! As Trigmate says, this 3-in-1 interactive math and engineering toy is "HANDS-ON, SCREENS-OFF."

At least for the 10 minutes it takes the kiddos to get bored with it and demand reentrance to the house, with full access to their Switches and iPads.

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