Trigger Glow-in-the-Dark Knife Kit

Posted: February 25, 2014
Trigger Glow-in-the-Dark Knife Kit
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Klecker Knives gets the kids wielding folding lock-backs young. Their Trigger knife kit, edition glow-in-the dark, aspires to teach children ages 7 and up how to build their own pocket blade model. Now at first I wondered if schooling a kid to make a sharp weapon was the greatest idea. What if he's mean? What if he's clumsy? But Klecker points out the purpose of this kit is as much to teach our offspring about folding knife function, safe handling, and respect as it is to create a fun toy. Also, the resultant blade is rounded and ill-suited for impaling couch cushions and siblings.

I actually think father-child DIY knife building could be akin to young boys and girls learning to caddy or mow the lawn. Introduce the skills and begin the training early, and then in a few years, once Bobby Jr.'s physical development has progressed satisfactorily, he can take over entirely. Start paying Bob Sr. back for feeding and giving birth to him. Camping, fishing, hunting, peeling apples--let Jr. assume the grunt work of these bonding adventures.

Klecker's Trigger card includes 10 simple parts kids can use to build and then take the knife apart over and over. This model also glows in the dark, which should add a nice touch to their imaginary zombie slaying missions (again, get them trained early.) Open, the knife measures 7.3" and the blade itself 3.2".

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