The Moto Rocker

Posted: April 18, 2018
The Moto Rocker
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Now this is the kind of Moto I'd like to say hello to. The Moto Rocker, a cafe / brat / track racer for kids, is the brainchild of industrial designer Felix Monza. A rocking horse built for the 21st century, where kids of yore played at mimicking their daddies riding off to work on his Arabian or American Quarter, the Moto Rocker invites them to pretend they're Pops heading out on his Harley Scrambler or Ducati Roadster.

Monza says he's designed the Moto Rocker will all key details of a real motorcycle so rocking kiddos can experience an authentic feeling of riding. Huh. So he's saying he's made bobbing back and forth on a pair of concave metal rails feel just like motorized forward movement and turns at high speeds on a pair of in-line tires? Huh. Well...yeah, they're kids, they'll never know the difference.

The Moto Rocker features a one-cylinder 125ccm engine, a head light, and a tail light (all non-functional.) Its seat is handmade from genuine leather. If you're willing to spring for a rocking motorcycle for your kiddo, Monza will place his or her name on the Rocker's frame bracket, along with the serial number and version details. You'll also have a choice between a cafe / brat or track style Moto Rocker to suit the type of flooring in your living room, as well as the "bike's" tank color.

The Moto Rocker is suitable for children ages 1-1/2 to 4, and can support weights of up to 110 pounds.

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