The Last Jedi: Life-Sized Interactive Porg Plush

Posted: December 19, 2017
The Last Jedi: Life-Sized Interactive Porg Plush

Even if you hate The Last Jedi's porgs, if you're a parent you're probably gonna have to buy some porg-related porg thing for your kids. And this life-sized interactive porg plush is probably the one they'll want most. As luck would have it, it's also the one you'll probably find most annoying, since the animated little Ahch-To dweller tweets 3 porg phrases from the film when you squeeze its belly.

Interactive Porg also flaps its "adorable" wings and moves its head and lips.

As Star Wars gifts go, I don't mind the porgs. They're pretty cute. But my heart belongs to Chewie, so I'd probably go with this talking Chewbacca with a porg on his shoulder instead.

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