Swing-N-Slide Stand-Up Swing

Posted: July 31, 2022
Swing-N-Slide Stand-Up Swing
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The Swing-N-Slide Stand-Up Swing looks like something I would have played on everyday when I was a kid, but is now recalled, discontinued, and outlawed because it's too dangerous, and uncoordinated, sedentary children all over the country who only ever exercise their touchscreen and game controller fingers have fallen off and cracked their heads open.

But I see the Swing-N-Slide Stand-Up Swing for sale right now, right on Amazon, so I'm glad to see that's not the case.

But I do wonder, how many fraidy-cat parents out there will actually buy a stand-up swing as a gift for their kids? How many parents who have watched horrific social media video after horrific social media video of children falling off or being tossed from playground equipment won't immediately flash forward to how they'll feel if their own child suffers the same fate at the hands of a 14" x 14" swing base with nary more than a pair of shallow foot indentations and coated chains for holding on? A toy their own mother and father purchased for them! The panic! The guilt! The despondency!

Yeah, I guess I'm glad the Swing-N-Slide Stand-Up Swing still exists, but I bet I'll never see one hanging from a tree in a 2020s backyard.

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