Squigz - Suction Cup Building Toys

Posted: October 26, 2013
Squigz - Suction Cup Building Toys
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If LEGOs bred with the Honkers from Sesame Street, their progeny would be Squigz. Squigz. What a rad name. Too bad it's wasted on a kiddie (and adult kiddie) building toy instead of, say, a new kind of shot in which Everclear, Watermelon Pucker, and pineapple juice are soaked up by and then mouth-squeezed out of a sponge. Not to marginalize Squigz for what they are. I mean, I enjoy suction cups and nondescript geometrical shapes as much as the next guy, and as Squigz themselves point out, the bright and pliable pieces look like "fun little suckers."

Starter Squigz sets come with 24 silicone-rubber suction cup pieces in various shapes and colors. To merge them into arcs and boxes and rings and phallic-looking structures, stick them together--or against any solid, non-porous surface--and press. Sluuurp! Suction activation complete.

Breaking the seal to separate 2 Squigz requires some muscle, but also delivers a payoff. This time in the form of Sluuurp's complement, POP!

By the way, since I have shots on my mind, the best bomb shot ever, in taste, efficacy, and especially name, is Angry Orchard Cider mixed with Fireball--aka ANGRY BALLS!

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