Spy Labs: Forensic Investigation Kit

Posted: January 09, 2024
Spy Labs: Forensic Investigation Kit
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Unleash your inner Sherlock with the Thames & Kosmos Spy Labs: Forensic Investigation Kit. Perfect for the budding detective or the CSI show binge-watcher, this kit is your ticket to the thrilling world of forensic science. Dive into a universe where fingerprints reveal secrets, and footprints are more than just dirt on the floor. Each activity in this kit is a stepping stone into the mysterious realm of crime scene investigation - minus the actual crime, of course. Whether you're dusting for prints like a pro or decoding secret messages, each experiment is a piece of the puzzle in your very own whodunit. And who knows, maybe you'll finally figure out who's been swiping your snacks from the fridge!

While this kit is all about fun and games, the skills you'll learn are legit. You'll be throwing around terms like 'luminol test' and 'chromatography' at your next party, impressing everyone with your newfound sleuthing lingo.

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