SlideAway LEGO & Kid Clutter Cleanup Basket

Posted: May 09, 2019
SlideAway LEGO & Kid Clutter Cleanup Basket
$17 - $30
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Guess who the SlideAway cleanup basket doesn't have to tell what a pain in the foot it is to clean up kids' (or adults') LEGOs?

Anyone who's ever been around a set of LEGOs.

A forthcoming tidying and storage design from Creative QT, SlideAways come in small, cylindrical On-the-Go and larger, living-room-friendly baskets. I say the basket is "living-room-friendly" both because at 12" tall and 15" in diameter, it can pack in a lot of LEGOs, and because it comes in Solid Grey and Grey Stripe lidded styles that won't make your living room look like an eyesore.

Certainly not as much as 1,372 free-roaming LEGO bricks do anyway.

Both SlideAway baskets include a built-in, fold-out yellow play mat. The mat is designed to make it easy to dump out the toys inside neatly, contained to the mat (though for how long?) as well as to scoop them up in one motion to pour everything back in.

Though LEGOs are the most obvious SlideAway content choice, the baskets can obviously clean up any type of small toy, such as Hot Wheels, Magnatiles, and action figures. You might even find some grownup bits and pieces the SlideAway picks up and stores well. Sewing and craft supplies for the ladies. Controllers and Tenga Easy Beat Eggs for the dudes.

If you like what SlideAway has to offer the de-cluttering of your life, check out their Kickstarter campaign and pledge for your own through June 6, 2019.

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