Mash'Ems Care Bears - Squishy Surprise Characters

Posted: June 05, 2022
Mash'Ems Care Bears - Squishy Surprise Characters

I know these Mash'Ems Care Bears are for kids, but I can't look away from them. Every one of the six squishy surprise characters contained within the Mash'Ems Super Sphere just keeps...staring at me.

Mash'Ems Care Bears, like the other franchise characters in the company's line of wee squishy figurines, arrive as mysteries. You won't know which 1.5" x 1.5" x 1.8" colorful and emotive bear you've received until cracking open the Super Sphere containing it. And by "you," I mean "your kid," because you'll clearly only buy Mash'Ems Care Bears Super Spheres as a gift for a kid.


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