Magnus Magnetic Play Couch

Posted: April 08, 2021
Magnus Magnetic Play Couch
$199 - $318
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Magnus is a couch. It's also a fort. A flying car. A Wipeout obstacle. And while Magnus will require some of your kids' imagination to make it into these things, it will also help them out along the way by actually transforming, rather than just sitting there being a couch while they try to drape blankets over it to make roof, and use their stuffed animals as wheels, and rig the coffee table into a slide.

Magnus is a couch built from 14 variously shaped cushions, all lined with magnets that allow it to come apart and then snap back together into your kids' vision of a fort, a flying car, or a Wipeout obstacle. Or any number of other imagination creations they come up with.

And when playtime gives way to naptime...for you...Magnus magnet-ifies back into a couch, tidying up and returning order to your house without requiring a separate storage space, and without fugging up the room.

If you want to learn more about the Magnus magnetic play couch, its design and engineering, and color options, head over to its Kickstarter campaign page. You have until May 24, 2021 to back the project if you deem it a worthy gift for your kids. And yourself.

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