Kidzone Ride-On Spinning Bumper Car

Posted: October 30, 2020
Kidzone Ride-On Spinning Bumper Car
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Sit 'n Spin + Wheels + Penchant for Collision (or Poor Dexterity & Depth Perception) = Kidzone Ride-On Spinning Bumper Car! Kiddos ages 1-1/2 and up, get ready for the ride - and the twirl! And the impact! - of your life.

Kidzone's Spinning Bumper Car is a rechargeable 6V electric model that ricochets off competitors and corners (i.e., other ride-ons, older siblings; wall, coffee table) and does daring 360 donuts at death-defying speeds (i.e., 0.75MPH). Don't trust your mini-me to exhibit adept and responsible driving skills? Kidzone includes a remote control that puts parents in the driver's seat with every Spinning Bumper Car purchase.

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